Barn’N’Bunk Farms Santa Rosa Plum Jelly Pan Sauce Reduction (For Steak or Glaze for Chicken)



4 cloves of garlic minces 

1 small shallot chopped finely 

1 cup of chicken stock or beef stock 

3 tbls of plum jelly 

¼ cup of red wine 

Tbls butter 

Salt and pepper to taste 



Step 1: after cooking your choice of protein in a cast iron skillet. Do not clean out pan. Add a little bit of cooking oil to that pan and begin to sauté garlic and shallots for 3-4 mins 

Step2: deglaze pan with red wine and continue cooking for 1 minute 

Step3: add plum jam and chicken stock and cook for 5-7 minutes once sauce begins to thicken Step4: add butter and slowly stir in and sauce with be finished

Step5: server with your choice of protein