Our Story

At Local Flavoring, we are passionate about connecting individuals nationwide to unique local products and their stories. As a small business consultant in 2020-21, our founder made many great connections with local small businesses and artisans, consistently purchasing and bringing home products to share. The desire to create a platform to connect more individuals to these fantastic products grew, leading to Local Flavoring's online platform and unique programs with local businesses.

We offer over 150 local single-item, bundle box, and gift basket options, including Jams, Jellies, BBQ Sauces, Seasonings, Dressings, Rubs, Preserves, Non-Alc. Mixes, Fruit Butter, and much more! These products come from a variety of local businesses around the Ohio Valley region, some not being offered online anywhere else. We also offer a few unique non-local brands for shopper's convenience, with ALL purchases still supporting our local business partner Hammann's Deli & Butcher (Fairfield, OH).

We are proud to offer our products or gifts for Hammann's Butcher & Deli, Ken Anderson's Just Brew Coffee House, Liberty Farm Market, a few HILLS Property locations, and various other businesses throughout the area. Beyond our current retail partnerships, we participate with Liberty Farm Market, Morrow Farmers Market, Westside Holiday Market, H7 Networking Group, and the Madeira Chamber of Commerce.

Through our platform, we work to increase local businesses' overall presence and offer an avenue for more individuals to purchase local small-batch products. We provide additional awareness for these businesses and offer client/employee gift creations through partnerships with local businesses.

In regards to our business gifting programs, we understand the importance of showing appreciation to your clients, customers, and referral partners. Our ideal business customer is one who values the impact of high-quality thank-you gifts, but may not have the time to create them due to their busy schedule.

Our gifting options are not only unique and of the highest quality, but they also support our local business partners. By partnering with us, you can take something off your plate while providing a top-notch gift that helps you stand out and build stronger business relationships. Let us help you make a lasting impression and take your business to the next level!

For convenience, we offer online ordering through our website, www.LocalFlavoring.com, with options for local pick-up or nationwide shipping. Join us in supporting local businesses and experiencing the unique flavors of our region.