Mrs. Millers (Fredericksburg, OH)

Our family got our start cooking jams, jellies, and butters in stock pots on mom's kitchen stove.  The heartwarming smell of simmering apple butter wafting through the entire house is forever a part of our childhood memories. 

In the second generation almost 30 years later, not much has really changed at Mrs. Miller’s.  The kettles may have grown a bit larger, and the selection of flavors has increased. But the old-time recipes, simple fresh ingredients, and the delicious homemade taste remain a staple in every hand-scooped batch, which are still canned on our home acres in Ohio’s Amish Country.  

We believe authentic homemade jams should stand out from other options in the market, which is why we choose to make our jams with fresh wholesome fruits, real cane sugar, and GMO- free ingredients.  One of our highest compliments that we regularly receive from our customers is that our butters and jams "taste just like what I remember from my grandma’s cooking." 

Although we began with the traditional flavors such as apple butter, strawberry, and black raspberry, today our customers enjoy over 70 of our different varieties of jams, jellies, & butters.  Some of our unique varieties include flavors such as guava, tomato, mint and even dandelion jelly, which derives its popular flavor from the yellow dandelion blossoms picked in local fields during the spring.  There’s also a no sugar lineup, pepper jellies, and so many more to choose from.  No matter your favorite flavor, Mrs Miller’s is sure to carry it and we promise you it will taste just like you remembered it from your grandmother’s kitchen.