Garver Family Farm (Middletown, OH)

Garver Family Farm Market takes pride in serving customers by providing a fresh quality product in the most efficient manner possible. We provide a wholesome product to consumers which often involves great care and attention. Our market practices growing techniques that have stood the test of time to ensure a quality product. Garver Family Farm Market ensures a safe wholesome product of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Garver Family Farm Market is one of the many transformations this farm has experienced over its 82 year history. Each Generation that has tilled this land has always shared the same philosophy: "Take care of the land and the land will take care of you." What was once a traditional dairy farm of the early years has now changed into two distinct enterprises being the Garver Family Farm Market and Garver Farm Incorporated. Originally purchased in 1926, the farm remained a traditional dairy farm for many of the early years. Over the past decade the farm has transformed into two distinct enterprises, Garver Family Farm Market and Garver Farm Incorporated. The former is operated by Michael Garver and his wife and the latter is owned by Robert Garver and his wife Sue. From the beginning four generations have proudly cared for this land, taking traditional farming to new levels by reacting to the ever changing industry. Diversifying the operation and utilizing new techniques and practices is crucial to overcome the challenges of tomorrow and protecting the land for future generations. In 1926, this farm was purchased by Harry Garver. Four generations have proudly cared for this land. Many aspects of the farm have changed in shape and size. But one thing important has remained the same: this is still a family farm.