Schafer's Farms Black Bean and Corn Salsa Chili



1lbs ground beef 

1 small yellow onion diced 

3 cloves of garlic chopped 

1 jar of Schafer's Farm corn and black bean salsa 

1 can of black beans drained 

1 can of corn 

1 14oz of beef stock or water 

2 tbls of chili powder 

Salt + pepper to taste 

2 tbls cooking oil 

Maybe 1 can of tomatoes or paste 

Maybe add apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar 



Step1: In a stock pot, brown the ground beef. And once brown drain excess grease, set beef aside. 

Step 2: sauté onions until translucent 4-5 mins. Then add garlic until fragrant 3 mins, at this point you should add a few pinches of salt 

Step 3: return beef to pot and continue cooking for 3 mins add more pinches of salt Step 4: add remaining ingredients to stock pot and continue cooking for 45 mins