Nectar Springs (Cincinnati, OH)

Nectar Springs was born out of the desire for a beverage that was simply refreshing and delicious, made from wholesome ingredients and without added Sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sugar. Sure, it’s delicious, but it has become a staple ingredient of so many packaged beverages, and often in frightening amounts. According to the USDA, we should only be consuming up to 50 grams of sugar per day. Sadly, many drinks far exceed that. One 20 oz bottle of soft drink, sports drink or even fruit juice could have more than a full day’s supply of sugar! At Nectar Springs, we’ve set out to change that. Our colorful infused waters are brewed with ingredients you can be proud of like apple bits, lemongrass and dried raspberries to make a uniquely refreshing beverage. Best of all, our brewing process adds all the great flavor of the ingredients without any sugar or artificial sweeteners. You won’t believe how good sugar-free can be!