Kofinas Olive Oil (Cincinnati, OH)

Our family has been growing and harvesting olives for generations. Evie Manosakis grew up in the village of Stavies. She eventually met her future husband, John Semertzides, while they were both attending college in Thessaloniki. After they were married, they moved to the United States and now reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. They had 3 sons, Nick, Manos, and Alex.

Evie, like every Greek mom, knows how to cook very well. She always wanted to use quality olive oil in her recipes, but she couldn’t find anything close to the family’s olive oil. Every time we would visit the family back in Greece, we would all carry large tins of oil through Customs while coming back to Cincinnati. As fun as this was, it still meant that we could only enjoy the taste of the village for a short time.

Through the years, Evie’s friends and family in America requested she bring back bottles for them. Owing to our strong ties to the Cretan way of life and the desire to share quality products with others, we began importing olive oil in larger quantities. Our family takes pride in bringing you our olive oil directly from our very own olive groves in our village, Stavies.